Members may pay in full by the first week of February,
or pay half then and the 2nd half by 1 April. The invoices are EMAILED the first week in January.
If at least half dues are not paid by Feb. 5th a late fee of $50 is added to the total bill.
If you are not receiving your invoice please email your correct email address to:
If you know longer wish to be a Jester Club member you must contact the manager and return your key.

A member can return their key and cancel their membership for up to 2 years & rejoin by paying a reinstatement fee of $250 plus pro-rated dues.  After 2 years the $500 initiation fee must be again paid.   In addition, if a past “A” member rejoins later as a qualified “B” member the $250 instead of $500 fee can be paid plus pro-rated dues.

Wifi password is jester2222.