RESERVE Tennis Court time

Please follow the instructions below to create a user account
1.       Go to and click on “Player Sign-Up” to setup a new player account.
2.       Select “Jester Club” as your Home Facility
3.       Enter our Facility Code: (email the Mgr for this if you are a member)
4.       Fill in the remainder of your personal information, choose a user name and password, and click SUBMIT
5.       You are now ready to reserve court time.  To do so, login at using your new username and password, select a date from the calendar, choose either court #1 or #2 from the drop down, select a start time, select a finish time (up to 1.5 hours), click “Reserve My Court” button.
RESERVEMYCOURT IS NOW AN IPHONE AP – available in the itunes store.
  It is important members cancel online reservations as soon as they know the reservation will not be used so other members can reserve the time.  Walk up players who find the court empty should go online and reserve the court to guarantee not being bumped off the court.  Reservations can be made 7 days in advance (example: on Friday members can make reservations for the next Friday).  Reservations can be made for a maximum of 1.5 hours.  Members can have 1 reservation per day.  Members will get text messages or email message confirmations for reservations.
These instructions except for the Facility Code are also posted on the Court bulletin board.