Dear Jester Club Members,

The Jester Club Board wanted to notify members of important changes to the Jester Club Playground. In July there was an incident in which several children were swinging on the tire swing and the swing hanger failed causing the tire swing to fall while in use. The board immediately removed the tire swing.

The Board then voted to have a full inspection of the playground given its age (professionally designed, then built by neighborhood volunteers in 1985) and condition. The Board received the inspection report back and the following items do not meet current code and need attention.

Impact Attenuation- code requires 10 inches of pea gravel.

Guard rails- all chain needs to be replaced with new guard rails near the zipline and all elevated platforms

Swings- code allows two swings per frame. We have three and one will be removed.

Entrapment- openings should be smaller than 3.5 inches or larger than 9.

The board will obtain bids for modifications to the playground. It could take several months to schedule contractors and make all of the necessary updates. We will also be placing signage on equipment indicating for which age each apparatus is appropriate.

At this time the playground will remain open, but we wanted to make members aware of these code updates needed. Please play at your own risk. There may be times in the future the playground will need to be closed for repairs.

Let us know if you have any questions and the Board will continue to update you as information becomes available.

Thank you,

Vanessa Madrigal
Jester Club Board President