The pool is now open for parties.  Policy is one party at a time, maximum 3 hour duration, with a maximum of 25 guests allowed.  The fireplace area & the deck behind the baby pool area are available for party reservations. Please note the pool remains open to all Jester Club members, only the reserved area is exclusively for party use. Please contact the Jester Club manager to reserve.

To reserve the pool for the enjoyment of our members, we do not allow private parties on Memorial Day, Labor Day, the 4th of July, or the last day of school.

Playground parties are also available to Jester Club members.  Maximum 3 hour duration for the picnic tables at the playground to be reserved for party use.  Playground remains open to all Jester Club members.  Email the manager to reserve a Playground Party.

Some limits continue to remain due to COVID.  Members may have up to 3 guests at the pool any time, 5 at the playground.

Payment must be put into the Jester Club mailbox in advance in order to reserve a party but it will not be deposited until party time in case of inclement weather / cancellation.
Fees: $75 to reserve an area at the pool.  $25 for the playground tables.

PLEASE NOTE:  A 30-minute window will remain open between parties to allow for set-up and clean-up.
Party host must not leave until all non-member guests have departed.
Party area including table tops, surrounding area, and garbage must be cleaned up by host.  Please dispose of all your party garbage and make sure you clean the tables and the floor under them.   Also please take with you any party favors, noodles, water guns, balls, etc.

Wifi password is jester2222.